Simple but very profound copywriting sentences, free and easy classic, every sentence is very profound

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Simple but profound copywriting sentences, free and easy classic,Men are afraid of meeting such women,so they become very cautious If they don’t see a woman’s simple and pure side, Men can’t easily have sex with her, what can they bring you?If you pin your hopes of happiness on him, you are doomed to failure.What can such a man full of lies bring you? There is no more intimate relationship in the world than a husband and wife, but relationships change over time.There is no closer relationship in the world than husband and wife, but the relationship will change over time.All melt into their own heart care, as long as you are in tune with each other, you can feel the sweet care.A man lene his deep love into his heart As long As you have the same heart, you can feel the sweetness of careA man’s privilege only goes to the woman he chooses.If you are lucky enough to get one, you must not let him down or hurt him.I hope women understand that a man’s privileges will only be given to the women he identifies If you are lucky enough toIf you’re the only one talking all the time, you won’t necessarily get a response from a woman, even if you talk a lot.If you are the only one who has been talking, you don’t necessarily get a woman’s response, Even if you say a lot who doesn’t want to be surrounded by love?Fangfang always yearns for love, but as time goes by, expectation turns to despair.Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by love? Fangfang has been longing for love, but with the passage of time, expectation has become despairIt’s about turning around and leaving it alone.