Video | accelerating transformation across, determined to walk in the forefront!The 13th Party Congress of Zibo opened

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On the morning of February 12, the 13th CPC Zibo City Congress opened.Jiang Duntao, on behalf of the twelfth Committee of Zibo City of the Communist Party of China, made a report to the conference entitled “Accelerating the transformation across the commitment to walk in the forefront to create a new era of socialist modernization strong city construction new situation”.The report is divided into five parts: first, Zibo will strive to achieve high-quality development through trials and hardships;2. Zibo is committed to following orders and interpreting the responsibility of “two establishment” and “two maintenance”;Three, mind the overall situation to grasp the general trend, describe the vision of zibo to build a strong socialist modern city in the new era;Fourth, focus on deepening the “nine powers”, to create a zibo sample of socialist modernization in the new era;Fifth, we will deepen our efforts to comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline and step up our pace on the new road to the exams.The past five years since the 12th Party Congress of Zibo City have witnessed breakthroughs and accelerated transformation in the development history of Zibo.Over the past five years, zibo always along the xi general guide the direction of the firm, scientific grasp the new stage of development, carry out the new development concept, services and integrated into the new development pattern, solid promote the development of high quality, do many great things, groundwork and long-term done a lot of people in anticipation of the practical work, broke through many difficult, which restrict the development of the city of the futureThe transformation and upgrading of old industrial cities has taken on a critical, trend-setting and transformational nature, which has laid a solid foundation for our new journey and achievements in the new era.In the next five years, Zibo will focus on deepening the “nine Empowerments” to create a sample of Zibo in the socialist modernization construction in the new era.The economy has achieved steady improvement in quality and sustained growth in quantity. The growth rate of the main planned indicators is among the top in the province, and the annual GDP growth rate is about 7%, with the total amount exceeding 700 billion yuan.

(Dazhong Daily client reporter Wang Jiasheng report)