Activision Blizzard is launching a mobile game called Warcraft after the latest Call of Duty failed to sell

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Financial network technology On February 5, according to the interface news, after the acquisition of Microsoft, Activision Blizzard announced in the United States time on February 3, 2021 fourth quarter and full year financial results, confirmed that Blizzard’s well-known warcraft series will enter the mobile game market this year,A new call of Duty and a new Call of Duty from Infinity Ward:Activision Blizzard reported revenue of $2.163 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021, down from $2.413 billion in the same period last year, while net profit of $564 million, up 11% from $508 million in the same period last year.Net predetermined revenue was $2.49 billion, compared with $3.05 billion a year earlier, a result that fell short of analysts’ expectations.By business segment, product sales revenue was $645 million, compared to $866 million in the prior year;Revenue from in-game purchases, subscriptions and other businesses was $1.518 billion, compared with $1.5 billion a year earlier.Activision Blizzard had 371 million monthly active users (MAUs) in the fourth quarter.Activision had 107 million MONTHLY active users, down 16%.Blizzard’s monthly active users were 24 million, down 17%;The King division was flat year-over-year at 240 million MAU.King, the mobile gaming unit, was the best performer, with revenue up 19% to a record $684 million in the latest quarter.According to Activision blizzard, Candy Crush Saga has been the top-grossing game series in the U.S. App Store for 18 consecutive quarters.