Baby names for the Year of the Tiger: A selection of the best girl names from the Book of Poetry

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The Year of the Tiger has arrived, and I believe that in the New Year, many tiger baby girls will be born.So do parents want to give their children the best tiger baby girl name in the Book of Poetry?Today, the teacher will share this article about the favorite words for female babies in the Year of the Tiger. Let’s take a look.The most beautiful tiger baby girl name in the Book of Songs is used in the Year of the Tiger — Huaiyu Huaiyu is a name, which is taken from the poem “Huai zai Huai, Hogmonth yu return zai”. Huaiyi is a word for the meaning of the mind. As the name of the girl, it implies that the girl is broad-minded, and gives the girl the meaning of kindness like water and broad-minded.Contains the heart, for the year of the tiger like to use the root, refers to the meaning of the girl well-fed.And to have a gift, give, refers to the girl’s generous, is a kind person.The name of the hazel ling, from the “hook of Songs · befen · Jane xi” “Mountains have hazel, xi have ling”.Hazel is a small tree, its original meaning is on the meaning of luxuriant foliage, as a girl’s name, meaning the girl’s vigorous meaning, refers to the living environment in the year of the tiger, refers to the girl’s comfortable life.And the ling is poria cocos, herb name, contains order, refers to the girl can carry forward in their favorite field.– Jun, such as jun, from the “Yan Ru Wodan, its jun zai”, jun one word, for the king, the meaning of the gentleman, as a girl’s name is very atmospheric, highlight the girl’s moral character of good meaning, and is the year of the tiger like to use the word root, refers to the year of the tiger girls have a bright future.And as in the name of the atmosphere to add a bit of graceful atmosphere, so that the name has a ladylike temperament, is very elegant.The girl’s name is derived from “Zhan Zhan Lu si, who never gets drunk at night and never goes home”. It is a very unique girl’s name, with some unique western flavor.Which is to add the deeper meaning of the name.Dew is the meaning of dew, with a fresh sense, which contains water, for the year of the tiger, tiger attributes for water, so refers to the meaning of a tiger girl’s life of peace.This name is from “Book of Songs · Wei Feng · Shuren” “Shuren is good-looking, brocade 褧 clothes”, the name gives people the feeling is luxuriant flowers, very temperament.Brocade is the meaning of colorful silk, as the girl’s name, refers to the girl’s identity and noble, the day of the girl’s righteousness.And the singer has a feeling of versatility.Read up with bright breath, highlighting the girl is a person of atmospheric sunshine.Rose word is a very unique word, contains the charm of roses, give a person a kind of ambiguous atmosphere.With the king, for the year of the tiger like to use the root, because the tiger is the king of the forest, so also refers to the meaning of the girl’s bright future.And jiao jiao word comes from “book of Songs · small elegant · white pony” “jiao jiao white pony, in that empty valley”, contain the lasting appeal of white jiao jiao, highlight the feeling of clean quietly elegant of girl bright moon in general.White dew this name, from the poem “thick dew, white dew not xixi” selected, the girl rice team is very common, and white dew is also a solar term, for the girl’s name added a bit of traditional culture, highlight the connotation of the girl.White character generally refers to ideological character, smart.The girl’s mind is pure, she is a kind person, and dew is born in the morning, with light and hope.On a derived from shu “, Martin month out, “” month out her honey haired, one current radiance, shu xi, yao straight come sad xi”, it is a very beautiful girl name, word, one of which month will be cold and dust to show to the limit, as the name of the girl, highlights the girl’s cold gas, give girl dust is feeling, and is the year of the tiger pleased with root, have ample food and clothing to girl.And shu means girls are free.In the book of the most beautiful baby girl name tiger tiger xi with kam Christine, xin, zhi meng, Xiao Xing Vivian li, jia yi, xin, small XiaHaiMen, han wei, Anna, yukon MeiYan novelty, dear ice, according to ling, q, chongqing dasey, anjou rouge, eucalyptus li YunQiong listen to guangxi, and ling, dong ling, cheong NingZiXiao, jia Lin, xuan, wan son even Britain, brunei mu ying, let peja, d. show mei, brilliant, color Qian, Jiang Rongquan cloud,Cher, HuiYa, handsome British swimming glory, clear streams, ray Stevens, catalpa spirit world yue, citrix, a fang, Mr Choi and cui ling, waglan haze, sweet ni shu zhe, purple static, d. acquisitive, jie ling culvert, YanJi, Joan Jing cod, Jing Vivian YuanTing, copy from internate, xin tian, CongRu slot sunseeker, farce glume, dream ying xin bud jersey is British, wins red, cream, pei ling ying pei, China, ni tian, and her jia yao, XuanYu, Cao Wen, ZongWenYu march, Fu Xia, zi zi, su Li