Hot!!!Ikebana beef soup number one!Gra, too and board face not satisfied

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The spring of fuyang people is packed in a bowl with Chinese toona, shepherd’s purse, elm leaves…Which is the spring smell you love?”Beef soup with flower arrangement!Beef soup with flower arrangement!Deserved it!”Xiaobian flower arrangement colleagues are beginning to answer!Today is a day because she can be proud of her hometown of flower arranging beef Shang Xi mention first on February 24, by the fuyang city sports bureau fuyang city cultural tourism human resources and social security bureau sponsored by “fuyang hometown flavor” food campaign network popularity award, excellent organization officially released the points made version is a little small make up to make up the push fee za fuyang paper food tooTemptation!Hometown food is a kind of homesickness hidden in the love of hometown for hometown, how much love for hometown debate is fierce, you listen to that flower arranging colleague in battle with colleagues again!”Ikebana beef soup deserves its name!You’re just looking at the size of the beef.Too and colleagues “if delicious food, how little too and board surface?”Fuyang colleagues “get out of the way!Get out of the way!Glauco is the number one in my heart!”…Oh, xiaobian is a little anxious to finish pushing I also want to join the battle must give me Linquan food call!Does your hometown make the list?Or do any of these foods beat your hometown food?If not satisfied to come to the message area challenge!Now the spokesperson of yingzhou Evening News branch is my flower arranging colleague has been waiting for you in the message top area!Source: Fuyang Tourism