Market news: the current round of semiconductor industry prosperity is still “ultra long standby”

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1, People’s Daily commentary on February 8 said that the correct understanding and grasp of the characteristics of capital and the law of behavior, it is necessary to set up a “traffic light” for capital, to prevent the disorderly expansion of capital, not to stop capital, but to orderly development of capital.2, according to the China Securities Journal news, many insurance asset management institutions revealed that the design of the Spring Festival after the warehouse strategy.3. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments have made it clear that they will moderately advance the deployment of 5G, data center and other new infrastructure construction.More than 20 provinces, including Shanghai and Fujian, have made clear their plans to build 5G and data centers by 2022.The Shanghai Composite Index rose 2.03% to 3,429.58, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.96% to 13,456.65, and the Growth Enterprise Index rose 0.31% to 2,917.86.Shanghai and Shenzhen clinch a deal of 823.134 billion yuan (357.14 billion yuan in Shanghai, 465.994 billion yuan in Shenzhen), compared with 818.881 billion yuan in January 28 (353.775 billion yuan in Shanghai, 465.107 billion yuan in Shenzhen) small volume 0.52%.The ratio of all traded stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen rose by 3,496 to 1,125.2. As of February 7, the balance of financing in The Shanghai Stock Exchange was 855.902 billion yuan, an increase of 1.161 billion yuan compared with the previous trading day;The financing balance of shenzhen Stock Exchange reached 767.889 billion yuan, an increase of 2.345 billion yuan from the previous trading day;The two markets totaled 1,623.791 billion yuan, up 3.506 billion yuan from the previous trading day.3, February 8, financial Union, FTSE China A50 index futures in the last trading day and night closed up 0.15% on the basis of higher open, now up 0.26%.1, Tianqi lithium industry related person in charge said that the nationalization of lithium mine in Chile has not actually landed, before the company has signed a contract with the local, and obtained the lithium resource quota until December 31, 2030, the quota will not change.2. Yiwei Lithium Energy and Huizhou Municipal Government plan to build a new energy battery industry cluster of 100 billion yuan.3, Wanye Enterprise Holdings Sun Company plans to sell a number of 12-inch integrated circuit equipment for 658 million yuan.1. Benefiting from the strong demand of 5G, consumer electronics and new energy vehicle markets, the copper foil industry will usher in A “bumper harvest” in 2021. The performance of Four A-share copper foil companies, Nordisk, Chaohua Technology, Tongguan Copper Foil and Jiayuan Technology, which have released their 2021 performance forecasts, has doubled.2, recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “guidance on accelerating the construction of a unified national power market system”.3. According to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), during the Spring Festival holiday, all regions and central enterprises made efforts to stabilize coal production and supply, scientifically arranged production and sales, and the daily output, supply and transportation volume of coal were higher than the level of the same period of the Lunar calendar, effectively guaranteeing the demand for coal for the festival.1. By the end of January, the share of stock ETF has increased by 61.87 billion since the beginning of this year. Whether it is broad base ETF such as SHANGHAI-Shenzhen 300 and GEM, or ETF of securities, medicine, new energy vehicles and other industries, the share has increased significantly.Northbound capital inflows totaled 16.775 billion yuan in January and another 5.552 billion yuan in the first trading day after the Spring Festival holiday.2, the data prove that the current round of semiconductor industry prosperity is still “long standby”.Global semiconductor revenue passed the $500bn mark for the first time in 2021, according to research firm Gartner.Shipments of semiconductor equipment reached a record $42.99 billion last year, up more than 40% from a year earlier, according to the International Semiconductor Industry Association.1, the three major U.S. stock indexes ended down on Monday, with the Dow flat, nasdaq down 0.58% and THE S&P 500 down 0.37%.Internet technology stocks were generally weaker, with Google down 2.85%, Twitter down 2.4%, Microsoft down 1.67% and Qualcomm down 2.4%.Meta Platform closed down 5.14%, down 30.37% for three consecutive days;Most Chinese stocks were lower, with Uxin down 8%, Alibaba down more than 6% and Pinduoduo down 4.6%.