Meng Weichen, Shandong branch of Ping An Property Insurance, fought the fire bravely

2022-05-14 0 By

In the morning of March 25, March 13, Ping an property insurance Shandong branch inspector Meng Weichen in the scene back to the company on the road, suddenly heard the accident in the community someone exclaim: fire, quick help!Following the sound, he found that in front of the garage smoke, immediately out of the past, is spontaneous combustion happened vehicles parked in the garage, the owner is panic around to seek relief, see this situation, Meng Weichen call 119 immediately alarm, and joint surrounding neighbors to work together to fully put out the fire, firefighters rushed to the scene after 5 minutes,The fire was quickly brought under control with everyone’s help, but no one was injured.The owner of meng Weichen to help and quick response deeply grateful, his move has been recognized and praised by all around!It is understood that the brave firefighter is called Meng Weicheng, only 27 years old, he is a true post-1995, he has been engaged in survey, major case management, investigation management, operation group supervisor and other posts.This year is the fifth year for him to work in Ping An Insurance Shandong Branch. During the five years, he has not only experienced his keen professional spirit, but also led an excellent team independently.Because of the nature of work, live in Meng Weichen in qiqihaer city in heilongjiang province, has for three consecutive years failed to go home to accompany their parents celebrate the Spring Festival, especially the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, the reunion day, he is volunteered to hold the survey line, Meng Weichen is the epitome of all stick to a line workers, stick with them, our peace to guard, for them,The biggest wish is that everyone is safe.Disclaimer: The above content is transferred from other media, the relevant information is only for the purpose of conveying more information, does not represent the views of this website, nor does it mean that this website agrees with its views or confirms the authenticity of its content.If the manuscript copyright units or individuals do not want to be published in this network, you can contact this network, this network can be immediately removed according to the situation.