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According to CCTV news, the astronauts zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu of The Shenzhou 13 mission paid New Year’s greetings to the Chinese people through the Spring Festival Gala at midnight on February 1, 2022, when the Year of the Tiger is coming. The astronauts posted the Chinese character “Fu” and hung lanterns to wish the Chinese people on the ground a “happy New Year in the Year of the Tiger”.This is the first time for Chinese astronauts to celebrate the Lunar New Year in space.Before January 30, in shandong Spring Festival Gala scene, Shandong nationality astronaut Wang Yaping specially to shandong people’s New Year: “I grew up in Yantai, love to eat Dumplings in Shandong.”She wishes: I wish the motherland wind vientiane new!I wish my hometown Shandong more and more beautiful!The three astronauts concentrated to the people of the whole country, there is still an important “Shandong element” to occupy the core position: the country is peaceful and people are safe.Commander Zhai Zhigang wrote “tiger Leaping Dragon in addition to the old year” after the couplet, the reporter camera turned, people can see and the core cabin in the middle hanging “peace and stability” banner.”Peaceful country and peaceful people” originated from the Culture of Mount Tai in Shandong province, but how did these four words come from?To talk about “national peace and people’s safety”, we must first say Mount Tai.Taishan got its name very early, “Book of Songs · Lusong” recorded: Taishan rock rock, Lubang zhan.The Chinese people have a long history of worshipping Mount Tai. Because mount Tai stands tall and majestic on the Huang-Huai-Hai plain, it has naturally become an object of worship since ancient times.”Peaceful country and peaceful people” is the meaning of “Tai Shan is four seas” or “Tai Shan is the world is safe”, the earliest from the Han Dynasty Huainan king Liu an “Jian Cutting Min Yue book”.This event was recorded in tongjian Jiji Benmo · Emperor Wudi Ping Liangyue, a historical book edited by Yuan Shu in the Southern Song Dynasty: In August, in the sixth year of the Reign of Emperor Wudi, King Ying of Minyue launched an attack on the border town of South Yue. The king of South Yue kept the agreement of the emperor of Heaven, and dared not initiate an army without warning.He sent King Hui of Dhang out of Yuzhang. Danong ordered Han an to march out of Kuaiji to attack Min Yue.Wang an of Huainan wrote and remongregated, saying, “Dehui with the return of dew, so that the peace of life and happiness, ze by the eternal, handed down to the children, the infinite, the world of peace, like Taishan and the four dimensions of the.”The sixth year of Emperor Jianyuan was 135 BC.Liu An was the grandson of Emperor Gaozu Liu Bang and the son of King Liu Chang of Huainan. Emperor Liu Che called Uncle Liu An, king of Huainan, according to his generation. Liu An was talented, and emperor Wudi respected him.However, Liu an had a different ambition in mind. This time, he dissuaded Emperor Wudi of han from attacking Fujian and Yue in order to oppose it. In fact, it was his own small calculation.But Emperor Wudi did not listen to him, and finally attacked Min yue and returned.However, Liu an this time in the book of “the world of peace, like Mount Tai and four dimensions of also” has become famous in the world, “the world of peace, like Mount Tai and four dimensions of”, later generations simplified as “Mount Tai is the world of peace”, which is the source of tai ‘an place name.The name of Taian began in the eighth year of emperor Taizong tianhui.In September of that year, Jin appointed Liu Yu as emperor of Qi with the title of Fuchang.According to Li Shouchun big set twenty-three years (1183) April “big set to restore xuan Temple record” contained: “Tai ‘an for the state also, there is yue temple spectacular among them……The song Dynasty kaibao five years, migration to dry feng county here.Big and medium auspicious symbol first year change yue Fengfu, waste Qi Fuchang at the beginning of the army, yue Tai ‘an, the founding of the dynasty has eight years of the state.””National peace and people’s security” means that Mount Tai is connected with the well-being of the country, which is closely related to mount Tai worship and the culture of The BOOK of Changes in China.Modern manifestations of research, the worship of natural objects and forces as objects with life, will and great power, appeared in the Neolithic age.According to sima Qian’s “Records of the Grand Historian”, from the beginning of the legendary Yellow Emperor and the time of Yao, shun and Yu, there were “And dai Zong” and the activities of worship to Mount Tai.After the reformation of Confucianism by Dong Zhongshu in the Western Han Dynasty, the worship of Mount Tai became one of the important contents of the emperor.Dong Zhongshu preached that heaven was the master of all things, and the emperor was the “son of heaven”, so the dialogue between man and heaven was needed.”Mount Tai is a place where ancient emperors had a dialogue with heaven and earth,” said Tang Guiren, an expert on Mount Tai and a professor at Mount Tai University.Ancient emperors went to Mount Taishan for buddhist worship, forming a unique culture of emperor Taishan for buddhist worship.There is a record of 72 ancient emperors paying homage to Mount Tai in shiji Fengchan Book.Mount Tai held a grand ceremony, is regarded as a symbol of peace in the world.Mount Tai is linked with the well-being of the country and the shape of Mount Tai is directly related.Mount Taishan is stable, solid and thick. The idiom “as steady as Mount Taishan” extends from the metaphor of Mount Taishan to the well-being of the country and people in traditional culture, thus producing the term “national peace and people’s safety”.Mount Tai is named very early, and its reason is difficult to prove. Sima Qian’s “Shi Ji · Feng Chan” quoted in “Shang Shu” said: “Dai Zong, Mount Tai also”.It is now possible to guess that taishan got its name with “Zhouyi”.Zhouyi is the crystallization of the thoughts and wisdom of the ancient Han nation, and is known as the “source of the Road”.In zhouyi, “Tai” is a very auspicious word.In the book of Changes, the 11th hexagrams after the lu-hexagrams is The Tai hexagrams, “Lu-tai and Then An”.Ty, get your ass in there.The words of the hexagrams said, “Tai: from small to large, ji Heng.”Yin and Yang represent two kinds of factors, two aspects of opposites — Du Fu “Yue wang” poem “Yin and Yang cut dawn” sentence, Taishan has a scenic spot called Yin and Yang, they are not only in the opposite state, but also interdependent, mutual penetration, harmoniously unified together, this is the intersection of Yin and Yang, heaven and earth tongtai.The 12th hexagrams in Zhouyi (Book of Changes) is No, contrary to the hexagrams in Tai (Book of Changes), which symbolizes occlusion and barrier and is not the right way in the world. Therefore, there is an idiom “After a storm comes a calm”.Today, we criticize the culture of imperial meditation, but the good meaning of “peace and prosperity of the country and people” is always the hope of the Chinese nation.The Shenzhou 13 astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, Ye Guangfu New Year’s greetings to the people of the country, and the core cabin is hanging in the middle of the “peaceful and peaceful people” banner, intended to bless the well-being of the rich and powerful people, the table of heart, yun by far-reaching, this is a deep traditional Chinese culture.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Zhou Xueze)