What are college students doing back home?

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When you finally make it through the semester and it’s time to go home for vacation, this is what you think you’re going to be like…In fact, this is the case, but no matter how big the gap between reality and ideal is, we still want to go back. Next, let’s look at the “daily life of contemporary College students after returning home”. How can we get along with our parents peacefully?How can we safely spend a good winter vacation?You need to keep these six principles in mind!01, 02 if parents parents is always right is wrong, I must be wrong 03 if I didn’t read the wrong idea must be my wrong 04 if I don’t think wrong As long as the parents don’t know My parents were right 05 if you don’t mistake You also said that parents fault It is your fault 06 if parents really wrong Please refer to the first delicate image vs. cotton pajamas before returning home,Glamorous is exquisite “handsome pretty girl dress up every day to do beautiful after his home, unkempt cotton pajamas dragged the world don’t wash a face not comb my hair untidiness constantly aitches sports day VS curtilage home before returning home, fitness is a circle of friends you clock in sport every day’s play football, basketball, playground even climb a few rounds back home,Before returning home, I was full of confidence. In the eyes of my classmates, I was an independent master of life. Besides living a well-organized life, I was always ready to help others.What also won’t “waste” a do anything only two steps the first step encounter difficulties the second step mother ~~~~~ stay up champion VS10 o ‘clock sleep before going home, crazy stay up at 12 o ‘clock in the morning, nightlife just began to brush video, look at the social networking site after coming home, began to keep in good health hasn’t arrived at 10 o ‘clock, was urged to sleep by parents when still don’t sleep?Why are you still up?You study hard at school every day. I want you to go home to relax and take good care of your health.You may be late but you will never be absent no matter how you try to satisfy them they will never show mercy because in their eyes you are the “stubble” in the game to have a meaningful winter vacationYou can do a lot of things you are interested in during the holiday. Get a skill. Take part in social practice activities.In the volunteer service, social practice activities with youth writing mission to assume the last tuan tuan here I wish you all have a happy winter holiday in the New Year up is the score!Down is the weight!(Source: Communist Youth League, Gan Youth League, Youth Beijing)