Zhang Xiaofei Spring Festival Gala burst a big car!The latest style is the real explosion, better than the Spring Festival coat

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Zhang Xiaofei is in this year’s spring evening but give all the limelight, become the Spring Festival Gala bursts the king of her, the coat of ten thousand yuan price that wears in the sketch but instant is sold empty, this also lets everybody thoroughly experience zhang Xiaofei burst fire after take goods ability.Her latest airport outfit caught the eye at the airport, but the casual outfit is more suitable for everyone to try than the trendy coat she wore at the Gala.Zhang Xiaofei in the Spring Festival gala choice of coat, wearing on her body is very amazing and advanced, but no matter the color or clothing style, in fact, are very pick people, the average person’s body and most of the Asian yellow skin, after wearing such a style of coat, will not be like Zhang Xiaofei so can perfect control.So relative than, Zhang Xiaofei this airport modeling will be more picky, for everyone is also better to wear some, and in such a body modeling, but there are many collocation window.Most of the stars’ private airport clothes are based on casual wear, and for casual wear, want to wear a bright spot on the modeling and visual sense of stunning, clothing color is the most important detail we need to pay attention to.For everyone, the color matching of casual wear is generally the collocation of basic colors. Although such color combination weakens the difficulty of collocation, it lacks some bright spots in vision. Instead, it is bright color matching of casual wear, which can highlight the amazing sense of vision.However, the collocation of bright colors is more difficult for most people to wear white, so here is a universal collocation formula for bright colors, that is: bright + basic colors.Zhang Xiaofei’s body shape, the color collocation of clothes is very good to achieve this point, the grass green of the jacket with the gray of pants, instantly increased the visual highlight, while the green of the hat and the white printing on the clothes, more highlights the complete sense of color matching in details.We can simply sum up some details about the collocation of bright color + basic color: 01 Pay attention to the collocation of bright color to have a unified sense, it is best to have two pieces of bright color.02 In the combination of bright color and basic color, the embellishment effect of white can play the role of finishing touch.03 Pay attention to the loose sense of the whole body profile.Make sure you have a dark color, like a black bag.For the bright color of choice, we usually only need to pay attention on the color of white effect is ok, in bright color, high brightness and low saturation of the color will be more easy to have the modified skin effect, such as grass green, add in the green part of yellow, increases the brightness of color reduces the color saturation, the color green, compared to otherWill have the effect that lightens skin tone more.Highlight 2: Accessories play the finishing touch if you want to wear sportswear with a bright sense of eye and fashion effect, accessories are the most important part for everyone to pay attention to, and for sportswear, hats and bags are essential accessories.Sportswear cap collocation, can not only show the whole body modelling to a great extent the lazy feeling and fashionable feeling, can play a concave shape more handsome, but for cap, also there are some details to be particularly note: 01 brim should have certain camber and camber than face the widest place, so that we can have the effect of a modified face.02 the top of the hat should have a sense of width and shape, so that it will better play the effect of modifying the head.The color of the hat should be the same as the color of the dress.Don’t go for fancy hats. Keep the colors and prints as simple as possible.The selection of bags mainly depends on the size of bags. To put it simply, clothes with obvious sense of shape (more silhouette and looser) should be matched with small size bags, while tight or close-fitting clothes should be matched with large size bags.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!The text/smile