2022 “Year of the Tiger” : 10 pairs of couplets, nourishing the heart

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1 heart often store thousands of miles;Evergreen flowers bloom at the bottom of the pen.Wang Yangming, “the most perfect man in the ages”, said that if ambition is not established, the world cannot achieve anything.In fact, everything we do, if we do not set a goal, we will be at a loss, like a headless chicken running around wasting precious time.With ambition, like the article has a central idea;Men and horses have commanders of the three armed forces;The night has its beacon.Article through the ages, gains and losses in mind.The writer is three views, the thought is fine, just can wonderful pen unripe flower, let a person feel like mu Spring breeze.2 Spirit snake not mulong noble;Caifeng partial envy chicken ordinary.As ordinary people, ordinary people, peace of mind to live their ordinary life, is the greatest happiness.Any climbing with the joneses, aiming high, are unrealistic ideas.Although we are ordinary, also can live out their own wonderful;Although we are ordinary, also can blossom unique fragrance.Love the present and embrace the ordinary.The days are steaming hot, the years are alive and fragrant, still unique.We are honest, but also happy;We are steady and healthy, but also a little guilty.Remember: envy, envy, hate, live more boring.3 Wind shaking bamboo shadow sound painting;Rain hit plum blossom poetry without words.As long as we practice a pair of eyes to find the United States, will extract from life a large number of beautiful, endless poetic meaning.The four seasons change, are intoxicating scenery;There are a variety of interesting.As long as the present heart of the heavy color of desire, throw away the giddy imagination, in a moment can be quiet, all things happy, with birds and flowers.Enjoy the moment, live the way you want to be;Be content with the present and live your life to the fullest!4 spirit everywhere article old;A deep learning makes a smooth life.Article, also pay attention to “spirit”.Flowing articles, by a true gas through, the article appears hanchang Dripping dripping, at one go.Having a “distinctive” temperament, will make an article stand out, will let readers remember.When a person’s accomplishment has reached a certain level, it becomes calm, generous tolerance, see what is pleasing to the eye.Everyday ordinary life is the best character sharpening;Every little progress is a pleasant surprise in every day.There are three feet of the body can sit, to the five watch when the heart from light.I like the lyrics of the red lips “Spring is not old” : as long as content, spring around you.Most of life’s troubles are related to desire.Insatiable, suffering unspeakable;A contented mind is content with patience.As long as you have a roof over your head, food and clothing, you have a reason to be cheerful and happy every day.As long as there is something you want to do, your heart will be filled with sunshine of joy.Good attitude is good, this is the power of mind.In the dead of night, thinking carefully, life is short, time is ruthless;I’ll be enlightened and let go.In the volumes of writings through the ages;Flowers in the rain.Reading is a happy thing.Like watering a dry plant, it will be full of life and vitality.People, too.It was once said that after three days without study, he will have a detestable face.Reading, is to nourish the soul, bit by bit infiltration, a wisp of enlightenment, slowly put the heart does not need to filter out, leaving pure and clear space and time, meet the best of their own.Spring rain as expensive as oil, wake flowers open.In the beautiful days, we must improve themselves, live up to this good time, beautiful young.7 Tracing the ancient high interest;Be original in a family.No man is born wise, but learned.Read historical books and humbly learn from others.Learn more, accumulated, is power.Then, slowly digest through, refine their own unique insights.With the amount of superposition, there is a qualitative leap.As the saying goes, pride makes a man lag behind.Arrogance is never the attitude of learning;Perseverance is a strong foundation for achievement.See much, can know wide;Experience is experience.The articles are immaculate as water;Integrity such as pine straight heart.As the saying goes, the style is the man.The process of cultivating and polishing articles is also the process of self-cultivation and self-improvement.It is essential to keep one’s heart pure.Spotless spiritual world, crystal clear river of thought;The blue sky of the soul dimension.It’s a solid foundation for writing an article.People live, must have grace, integrity, indomitable, iron bone clank.A conscience, as in the sky;All true feelings, beautiful shop.9 Garden green flowers and trees fragrance;Qin Shu elegant painting hall secluded.The yard plants flowers and grass, colorful in spring, during the walk, full of poetry, another sky;There were ten thousand books in his room, and every day he wrote;From the transfer, fugue, happy hengyuan.Man is a member of nature, love nature belongs to nature.In the embrace of nature, more can find the beauty of life;The warmth of the days;Peace of mind.Piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry and flowers are the embodiment of elegant life.Deep drill a door, fine thinking fine research, have unlimited scenery.10 Bamboo shade cover a few qin book run;Flower fume window pen inkstone incense.Life is not good, their heart knows.Staying at home can also be a quiet pleasure. Walking in the bamboo forest, playing the piano in the shade, reading in the sun, drinking tea in the moonlight, and above all, enjoying yourself.The flowers curl, refreshing;The sound of the book burst forth like a flower.Good days, are their own business.You can take time off, fishing chess writing wanli Jiangshan;You can wind light cloud light, listen to qin on painting a pool of smoke wave.Happy, is the flower of life;Happiness is the fruit of fate.