A total of 17 flags received!Hangzhou Fuyang traffic police why people so praise?

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On the afternoon of February 24, hangzhou Public Security Bureau Fuyang District traffic police brigade city squadron walked into a group of special “visitors”, they will be 17 red flags together to the hands of the traffic police.The people who give the banner are the community secretary, the person in charge of the property, the representative of the residents’ industry committee, the person in charge of the shopping mall, the school teachers and so on. It is normal for the public security organ to receive the banner, but it is rare to see such a big battle.Why do people do this?It started last October……Last October, fuyang public security launched the “sky and earth” integration service mode, the formation of TPTU mounted police team, comprehensively improve the level of refinement of road traffic management in the whole area, effectively escort the construction of safe Fuyang, the sense of urban traffic safety, satisfaction significantly improved.”The overall road environment is better, but are there blind spots where we can’t see?The police are limited, the people are unlimited.On the bureau party committee’s support, the city traffic police squadron actively search for ‘to find things, and actual conditions, fuyang city to invite the township streets, communities, residential property, the industry authority, the school and enthusiasm in the work of the traffic people become’ peace traffic observers’, ‘have you all the way the traffic problem, opinion WeChat group,With the help of the network platform to get through the last ‘meter’ of communication with the masses, zero distance to listen to the opinions and voices of the masses.Police people hand in hand, a total spectrum of harmony and peace.”Fuyang District public security sub-bureau traffic police brigade deputy chief, city squadron leader Yuan Honglong.All things are difficult before they are easy. At the beginning of the establishment of the group, many members of the group held a skeptical attitude: “Saying it is the same thing, but can we help people solve the problem realistically?”In the face of the masses’ questions, Fuyang traffic police precise policy, the formulation of “24 hours landing” work law, the masses in the wechat group reflects the demands, clear in 24 hours must meet with the parties landing, belongs to the scope of public security traffic police functions, immediately field survey and opinion consultation, the formulation of optimization cycle;For those that do not belong to the functional scope of traffic police, relying on the information transmission mechanism, they shall be transferred to the functional jurisdiction department in the first time and give feedback to the masses who put forward opinions in time.At 19:55 on December 20, 2021, Old Yang posted a message in the group: “@ Leader of the urban Squadron, there have been many traffic accidents at the gate of Yalinsuo. We hope to find a way to solve them.Thank you very much!”20:47, Captain Xu Hua of Fuchun Forum released information: “Lang’s food intersection, quite dangerous, every time through the trembling……”In the group chat records reporters saw that that evening, the masses put forward three demands, fuyang traffic police city squadron responsible person immediately made a reply, the next morning went to the scene to find a solution.In this way, traffic safety potential points, congestion points solved one by one;Parking Spaces, which were in short supply, saw an increase;…One by one, the demands of the masses were solved, and the atmosphere in the group gradually became warm and even captured a large number of “fans”. From time to time, praise and praise appeared in the group: “You are really fast!””Instant results” “I admire your work execution!”One of the representatives to send the flag star park industry committee director Dong Junhui said bluntly: “this group is alive, let us have a direction for help, and appeals to solve one by one, stay in this group comfortable.”Since the establishment of the group, he has experienced three changes from being skeptical, to often issuing opinions and suggestions, to now when the masses raise demands, he can help the traffic police answer three changes.”Can enter this group, feel good, let me deeply feel fuyang speed.”Clouds garden district representative, “inferior BBS” webmaster xu hua said, was “inferior BBS” websites have a column called “traffic police with me” plate, it is mainly used for collecting fuyang people reflect transportation problem and opinion suggestion, real-time interactive, but the web site is limited by the traffic police department received the news of the lag, unable to solve related problems.Now, his troubles are solved by joining the “traffic police real-time release” group.As time goes by, the radiation traction effect of the communication group becomes more and more obvious, with more and more members and more and more professional identities. More and more people take the initiative to become “vigilantes” in the construction of traffic safety. The opinions of the masses also cover every corner of urban traffic, and more and more hidden dangers and difficulties are removed one by one.”In addition to listening to people’s demands, we have also expanded and extended the group function. During the morning and evening rush hours, we release real-time reminders of urban road traffic conditions, congestion points and suggested driving routes.At the same time, periodical statistics of traffic accident types occurred in the jurisdiction, combined with seasonal, weather and other comprehensive factors, regularly push all kinds of traffic safety publicity knowledge.”Fuyang Traffic police city squadron deputy squadron leader Wu Junfeng introduced, with the understanding and support of the masses, whenever the information to the group, the masses will actively respond to forward to their own village, community, circle of friends.And when the masses or their friends find, put forward related traffic problems, “safe traffic observers” will be the first time to report to the group.One call one should, there is a call, a target of more than 200,000 people of the safe traffic publicity matrix gradually established.Since more than four months, fuyang traffic police city squadron has issued a total of more than 300 related traffic conditions and propaganda and education information, to solve the hidden dangers of the road, zombie car, parking space set up, moving cars and other kinds of people reflect the problem of more than 300, the field investigation traffic organization or blocking more than 70.Only put the people in your heart, people will remember you.By fuyang traffic police city squadron “warm” to the masses on behalf of the spontaneous production of the banner sent to the door, this has the beginning of the scene.”People’s public security has always been carrying two words, the masses are not satisfied, can’t promise is the starting point and the foothold, we all work around ‘SanNeng’ requirements, we always put the people look forward to as the direction of the situation, we put people as the responsibility of the director, the people’s yearning for the standard.In the future, we will gradually expand the mechanism to serve the people in the whole district according to the pilot operation.”Yuan honglong said.(Hangzhou network) Correspondent Zhou Hang zhu Jianfeng reporter Li Jiangang