After an eight-year rebellion that decimated the population of the mighty Tang Dynasty, it gradually fell into decline

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The Tang Dynasty was one of the few dynasties in history that developed in an all-round way. Its economy and culture prospered, and its military attracted many countries.However, such a powerful dynasty fell rapidly after a turmoil, namely the An Shi Rebellion.What a great impact the An And Shi Rebellion brought? During the eight-year turmoil, the population of the Tang Dynasty decreased by more than 30 million, the imperial city was broken, the emperor was forced to flee, and the prosperous capital became a purgatory on earth overnight.In the early years of the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Xuanzong made great efforts to rule and promoted the prosperity and development of the Tang Dynasty to its peak. With its vast territory and large population, the Tang dynasty was open to visitors from all over the world.Chang ‘an city was the most prosperous city in the world at that time. However, it was in this prosperous scene that Tang Xuanzong gradually lost himself and lost his original talent and wisdom in governing the world. He was addicted to playing and did not think about government affairs, and all state affairs were controlled by crafty sycophants.It was at this time that An Lushan gained the trust of Emperor Xuanzong, and was placed in charge of important military towns.An Lushan, after becoming a powerful party, kept military control and local tax revenue firmly in his hands.In addition to the appointment of Yang Guozhong and other people, the whole court chaos.At last, various problems appeared. The actions of the court lost the public support, and riots were on the verge of breaking out.An Lushan, armed with an army of three towns, openly rebelled and with 150,000 strong troops marched south to capture several towns.The ordinary people of tang Dynasty, who had lived a stable life, had never seen such a battle array before. They were in great panic in the face of sudden chaos caused by war.Many towns fell without even responding. Others fled when they heard the news of the rebels, who stormed into the city to loot and kill civilians.In fact, this riot had a chance to nip it in the bud, as early as the eve of an Lushan rebellion was reported to Tang Xuanzong.Just did not cause the latter’s attention, and even think that this is someone in the malicious injury.It wasn’t until the rebels arrived at the gates of Luoyang that it was too late, and there was nothing the government could do about it.However, most of the elite troops of the Tang dynasty were stationed at the border. The rebellion happened so quickly that it was too late to send border troops to rescue the rebels. In desperation, people could only be recruited to resist the rebels.In the face of the menacing soldiers who have been crawling on the border for years, these people who have never touched a weapon can not resist.As expected, Luoyang fell, and the garrison retreated all the way to Tongguan. Compared with Luoyang, tongguan was easier to defend and harder to attack. The city of Chang ‘an was not far behind, so it can be said that the garrison had retreated beyond retreat.Many soldiers at Tongguan to defend the city, the rebels for a long time to meet the first difficulty.An Lushan also knew that if reinforcements arrived, he would be in danger from both sides.Be at his wit’s end when, Tang Xuanzong sent a great gift, sit the Tang Xuanzong of the temple high listen to slummy words, did not consider the present critical situation ordered to kill the gao Xianzhi of the front line.The enemy at the moment will be a great taboo, even if the Tang dynasty has many generals, but at this time there are no many people can stand out.Even the generals who succeeded them largely followed Kao’s strategy.Tongguan fortified the city, stockpiling supplies, using the tactic of “tuo”, intending to hold off the rebels until they were rescued.An Lushan was so angry that he attacked the city many times but was blocked back. More than 100 thousand of his best men left, but they could not advance any further before Tongguan. As time passed, their morale was low and there was no way out.Having learned from gao Xianzhi’s experience, the generals stationed at Tongguan paid great attention, but they could not completely dispel Tang Xuanzong’s suspicion in any case.In addition, An Lushan had a plan to deliberately show the attitude of defeat.As expected, Tang Xuanzong let down his guard and ordered tongguan garrison to take the initiative to annihilate the rebels.The imperial decree had arrived, and the soldiers in front had to obey the order even though they knew it was impossible to do, but the result was a crushing defeat. Two hundred thousand troops were defeated by rebel forces. After the fall of Tongguan, Chang ‘an was in danger.The rebels marched on The city of Chang ‘an, and the Tang Dynasty was in an unprecedented crisis.Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty did not hesitate to take his concubine family and secretly fled under the escort of the Forbidden army.However, there was no time to prepare food supplies in a hurry. The soldiers marching day and night could not eat, and gradually became dissatisfied.At this time, the army general could not bear it any more. He said that Yang Guozhong and other crafty and fawning ministers mislead the country. He lifted his weapon and chopped the latter into mud.Soldiers threatened emperor Xuanzong to kill Yang Guifei, but the emperor had no choice but to order the killing of his favorite concubine.After killing Yang Guozhong and Yang Guifei, the soldiers’ anger subsided temporarily.At this moment, the people of Chang ‘an city, the emperor and ministers ran away, and the people were in a panic.For four days and nights the rebels marched into the city, burning and looting.The treasures accumulated over many years in the Tang dynasty Treasury were looted, killing all the royal family members who remained in the capital.Escorted by his remaining troops, Emperor Xuanzong fled southwest, leaving the crown prince to gather reinforcements, and it was at this point that Emperor Xuanzong officially lost control of the empire.In addition to 150, 000 elite soldiers led by An Lushan, there was also an army led by Shi Siming. After an Lushan captured Chang ‘an, he changed the name of the country to Dayan.On the contrary, Shi Siming department did not go so smoothly, after the general Guo Ziyi, has been unable to advance.But Guo Ziyi also has no redundant energy to rescue Chang ‘an, both sides have been so deadlocked.After an Lushan became emperor as he wished, his son could not wait for his father to abdicate, so he simply killed An Lushan and succeeded him as emperor. After the initial struggle, the Second generation of an Lushan rebellion also came into being.Li Heng, the crown prince of the Tang Dynasty, once again confronted the rebels after gathering reinforcements. This time, the Tang army did not make the same mistake, but won a series of big victories.Li Heng was also elected as the new emperor by his subordinates. The morale of the new emperor was greatly boosted, and luoyang and Chang ‘an were recovered. The Anshi rebellion came to an end.The country was back under the control of the Li family, but the consequences of this turmoil were irreversible. The eight years of war made the prosperous Tang Dynasty disappear forever, and the glory of the Tang dynasty disappeared.