China football big salary cut, players crying: 70 million mortgage can not afford to sell cars, his wife is very angry

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After the guangzhou team formally implemented the salary cut, the reform of Chinese football also began.Apparently, even Xu’s Evergrande Group has run out of money to invest, let alone other teams of any size.Next, other teams in the Chinese Super League will certainly follow guangzhou’s example to complete a large-scale wage cut.What is more ironic is that before the salary cut, Guangzhou was the club with the highest salary in The whole of China. The basic salary of Gao Lin is 24 million yuan, Zheng Zhi 20.5 million yuan, Huang Powen 18 million yuan and Zhang Linpeng 15 million yuan, all of which are marked down.Now, the original monthly salary has been changed to annual salary, which no one would be happy with, and Gao Lin, who previously received the highest salary, opposes it the most strongly.Since leaving Evergrande, Lin gao in shenzhen team can get players a maximum of 12 million, but after this round of cuts, to pay and he thoroughly, considering he is 36 years old, can you then receive a salary of 1 million is the club give full face, it also thoroughly aroused the Lin gao heart pent-up anger.Gao Lin believes that he was once a highly decorated player for Guangzhou and National football Team. During his ten years of service, gao Lin devoted the best years of his career to the team, playing 346 games for Guangzhou, scoring 95 goals and 96 assists, and scoring 191 goals alone.With his excellent performance, Gao Lin has won 2 Asian Champions League titles, 8 Chinese Super League titles, 2 FA Cups and 4 Super Cups for Guangzhou, totaling 16 extremely heavy trophies.However, after the end of his contract, Guangzhou sold gao Lin mercilessly, leaving him with no choice but to move to Shenzhen, where his annual salary changed from 24 million yuan to half, which he could not accept.Now, it’s Guangzhou again, violating the instructions of the Football Association and reducing the maximum salary of 3 million yuan to 600,000 yuan, which simply does not give themselves a way to live.Therefore, Lin gao is extremely angry, according to reports from the Chinese super reporter xiao rui Lin gao even to threaten the shenzhen team, using the method of in situ retired as much as possible is to want to be able to keep your salary, 24 million have already can’t entertain wild hope, it is best to maintain the 12 million salary unchanged, so Lin gao family’s quality of life will not fall, or does she have wife?Who will pay for the children to attend the international elite school?70 million seaview house mortgage take what return?Do we really want him to sell his Land Rover and 911?It can be said that Gao Lin is really worried this time. Originally, in China’s workplace, all walks of life pay attention to seniority. The older generation of staff, even if they have low level and poor business ability, should also be respected by the company and receive the best treatment.Here is Lin gao, also depend on the guangzhou team to give yourself a short about, even if is a sign for a year, Lin gao can also accept, who knows Mr Xu directly sell him to the shenzhen, Lin gao also very angry, so he has the value set in guangzhou 30 million apartments can only be idle, necessity and near the pearl river in shenzhen bought a 70 million seaview room,And it is a loan to buy, still carrying a mortgage of tens of millions.Therefore, Gao Lin is very concerned about his annual salary. If it becomes 600,000 yuan a year, how can he repay the mortgage for the beach house?What’s more, his wife Wang Chen is a little famous model, every moonlight is clothing, cosmetics and other expenses have to be in tens of thousands of yuan, if their husband suddenly from a multimillionaire into a year can only earn hundreds of thousands of hard wages, I am afraid that Wang Chen’s psychological will also appear a huge gap.If this happens, it is not impossible for Wang Chen to get a divorce from Gao Lin, so it is completely understandable that Gao Lin is worried.So how much money do you think gao Lin can earn in a year?