“I secretly like you” two-way crush, two-way rush, deer disorderly bump!

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Le Xuan to push the book!Recently many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you are optimistic, remember to collect + attention, not afraid of book shortage again!Today xiaobian to everyone recommend: the first book “Dr. Song’s little pet drowning” author: Wen Ruotian introduction: First suffered boyfriend cheating on her best friend, and then destroyed the singer career, the network gossip all over the sky, Lin Lingshu the whole world is dark.But let her despair is the mother suddenly cancer, may not have much.The next day, Song’s mother begged weakly, “Nannan, your only wish is to see you married before you die.”Where is she supposed to find a fiance?Can’t really find, fake she can always be.So Lin Lingshu was introduced by her relatives and went to the blind date.Listen to fat sister-in-law’s words, Lin Lingshu out of the ward, came out of the second door right in front of the door, but when she saw the door on the brand that clear and dazzling a few characters.I couldn’t help shaking my body.Her hands were shaking slightly at her side, and she clenched her lip. “Oncologist…Tumors……”Mom, she — she had a tumor?But at this time, she can not panic, now the medical technology is so advanced, it may be cured, it may be benign.Lin lingshu took a deep breath to steady herself, then raised her hand and tapped gently on the door twice.The next moment, inside came to the man cold and magnetic word, “into.”The attending sounds pretty young, huh?At least not the middle-aged she imagined.Lin Lingshu pushed the door and went in. He saw a man sitting at a desk not far away. He was about twenty years old and very young, wearing gold-rimmed glasses.Bai Zhe transparent skin, angular face, hair a lot of hairline, a little manicured hair before the forehead, a tall nose bridge.You don’t look like a doctor, you look like one of those showbiz people with all that makeup…Butterscotch?As soon as the idea surfaced in her mind, Lin Lingshu quickly took it back, and she couldn’t help pinching the tips of her fingers to remind herself what she was here for.Adjusting her tone, she came to the man, looked down at the attending doctor who was concentrating on the computer and asked in a low voice, “Hello, doctor, I am Zhang Manqing’s daughter. I want to know about my mother’s illness.”Zhang Manqing is the mother’s name.And hear her words, Song Moxuan on the keyboard typing hand micro stop, quickly finish the rest of the word to hit send, and then raise the jaw.The line of sight looks at the girl who is wearing blue half-length dress at the moment, what skirt place embroiders is thin broken silk flower, appear all the more elegant and gentle however.I had never seen anyone wear a dress of this color in my life, but it seemed to fit her, as if the color had been born to match her.Looking at her, Song Moxuan eyes slightly moved, thin lips slightly open, spit out cold and rejected the four words, “Hello, please sit down.”Lin lingshu nodded and sat down in front of him.Song Moxuan immediately noticed her red eyes, as if she had just cried, and think of Zhang Manqing’s condition, the brow can not help but wrinkle up.”Your mother has diffuse large B-cell lymphoma,” he said in a slow, serious voice.Lin’s eyes widened. She had never heard of lymphoma before and asked, “What kind of disease is it?Can it be cured?””She asked a little excitedly.Song Moxuan subconsciously lifted eyes to see her.Realizing that she had asked too quickly, Lin bit her lower lip and apologized, “Sorry doctor, I was too nervous.””Nothing.”Song Moxuan passed the film to her, ten clear green fingers in the black film reflected under the more attractive.He explained, “Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is the most common cancer in middle-aged and older women in the country in recent years, accounting for one third. It is a moderately aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma with stage 4, and your mother’s symptoms are beginning to approach stage 3.”(Click the card can be read for free) the second “I secretly like you” author: Le You introduce: “Qiao zhiyi like Xu Liangzhou, with her whole youth.”This is the first page of writing in her diary.Later, Xu Liangzhou wrote in the last page of her diary: “Later Xu Liangzhou, love Joe, love is known to all.”This is what he called Lu Yiman tonight.Hearing the words, Lu Yiman turned black and rebuffed directly: “He wants the United States, I will not go.”Xu Liangzhou did not force it, shrugged his shoulders, “I brought it.”As to whether they would go or not, it was their business and he could not interfere too much. “Then we’ll go back.”Lu Yiman fidgety swing hand.Joe sat in the back with drooping eyes.Sometimes she really neglects her duty as a friend. She has known Lu Yiman for eight or nine years, and now she can’t remember the names of other friends around her except Xu Liangzhou, let alone who they are talking about at the moment.She didn’t ask any questions.Again with Lu Yiman said goodbye.On the way back, Joe has been very quiet, never take the initiative to talk to Xu Liangzhou.The car is too quiet, also some awkward, Xu Liangzhou took the lead to break the silence, “you and small diffuse is not very early to know?”He has always known that Liu Yiman has Qiao zhiyi such a friend, but almost no intersection with him.Joe said knowingly, but did not answer.The atmosphere was quiet again for a few seconds, xu Liangzhou continued: “I didn’t expect that a person with such a temper as Xiao Man could find a quiet girl like you to be his friend.”The characters of Lu Yiman and Qiao Zhiyi are like the north and South Poles, separated by a whole earth.The collision of fire and glacier can also be a gorgeous feast.But only Jo knew that she knew it was all part of her secret planning.Her response was as bland as ever, just a shy nod.What can not excite Joe know the interest of the meaning, Xu Liang Zhou can not help but some distress.He’s really bad at talking, he thought.With a slight sigh, he drove quietly and did not continue to talk.After a while, he suddenly remembered the events of the evening.He didn’t think of anything else, just polite advice. “The blues are so messy, you little girls, if you don’t have someone capable to protect you, you’d better go less.”Hearing this, Qiao zhi panicked, thinking that Xu Liangzhou misunderstood, hurriedly explained for himself, “I never go, I just……”Joe knows the meaning happy static, plus Wang Ruonan’s discipline to her is particularly severe, from childhood to big she almost will not enter this kind of place.Tonight is also because Lu Yiman drunk, the phone call to her mobile phone, she also tangled for a while, just the past to pick her.Joe know meaning to the blues, happened to lu Yiman vomit badly, went to the bathroom.She was in the box to pick up the things of Lu Yiman, but Lu Yiman just dumped the former boyfriend did not know when to sneak in, also drink a little wine, did not see people, directly from behind the hug Joe know meaning.She was scared to call out, but before she could resist, Lu Yiman came back.Anyone who knows Lu Yiman knows that she has a bottom line, not her father, but Joe.Almost anyone who could make Joe feel any injustice was lying in the hospital.Without saying a word, she kicked her ex-boyfriend to the ground.There followed a beating that landed him easily in hospital, which landed both of them in the police station.Joe know meaning cant say blame Lu Yiman, and dont want to let Xu Liangzhou misunderstanding, some red face.Xu Liangzhou felt Qiao’s urgency as he drove. “Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean any harm. What I mean is that you should protect yourselves.”His voice was gentle and calmed Jo a little.Joe didn’t explain, but said a very soft “HMM.”At this time, the car also arrived at the South Garden, Xu Liangzhou asked: “your house in which building?””Oh, that’s all, I…I also want to go to the supermarket nearby to buy something.”Introduction: Her life is divided into two sections, one is to kick him, let him become her ex-husband, the other is to get to know him again, enjoy the temptation of her ex-husband.”Wife adult, small I massage foot bath all master, cook household chores omnipotent!”Her tears look at the sky: this cheating and playing with women’s feelings of the man president how suddenly become loyal dog male god?Lin Jingchen is ferocious in appearance and icy in tone.Yuyan feel that this person is very strange.Her face was white and her angry lips trembled. “You can’t hurt my child over my dead body.”Lin Jingchen turned a deaf ear to her words. He opened the door and motioned for Fang Yu-yan to get off: “Since the inspection is finished, you go back by yourself.”Fang Yuyan also don’t want to stay with him more than a second, feet just stand firm, abdominal came a sharp pain, she held the door and asked: “can you accompany me to the hospital again?”Lin Jingchen looked up to see her forehead full of sweat, is about to get off when the mobile phone rang.”Jingchen, have you come yet?”Mobile phone that spread su Tongtong’s delicate voice, mixed with anxiety.Lin Jingchen lifted his eyes to the face of a pale Fang Yu-yan, and then take back his eyes, a gentle face to the other end of the phone said: “Tongtong, sorry, I come over now.”Bunch ofred grapes?Fang Yuyan knew that Su Tongtong, who disappeared for two years, came back four months ago.She looked sadly at Lin jingchen’s gentle side face and turned away with a tragic smile.Lin Jingchen hung up the phone, see Fang Yuyan still standing outside the window, hesitated, or lightly said: “I have to go in advance, you go to the doctor.”Say that finish, drive dust and go.Fang Yu-Yan looked at his body soon disappeared in sight, tears finally can not control, in his heart, she is after all even a trace of love, do not expect to get.What is the pain of the body, the heart was ravaged thousands of wear a hundred holes to bear.A moment of vertigo, overhead like a dark cloud pressure suffocating her, heaven and earth spinning, finally lost consciousness.When she woke up, the tip of her nose smelled like disinfectant.”Awake?”Fang Yu-yan saw the eyes of the people is Lin, Lin Jingchen’s brother, she politely polite smile: “eldest brother, how are you here?””I was discharged from hospital just now. On my way back, I saw you faint on the road…”After fang Yuyan listened, her hand slowly stroked her stomach and she breathed a sigh of relief.Good boy!”Thank you!Lin watched her movements and nodded: “You are welcome.Fortunately fell in front of the hospital, otherwise delayed, I’m afraid the child could not be saved.Try not to come out alone.”Did she ever want to be alone?Fang Yu-yan thought of Lin Jingchen left indifferent eyes, the heart is like falling into the cold valley floor.”Eldest brother…Does Jingchen know I’m in the hospital?”Lin Jin shop catch fang Yuyan eyes some expectations, lightly smiled to see her one eye, the line of sight moved to the door, and floated back: “I have an operation, can not accompany you here.You are not in a very stable condition. Have a good rest and I will see you later.”After the eldest brother left, the room is empty, Fang Yuyan eyes more lonely, she is not an affectation of the woman, but in this case, think of her husband, stomach 2 children’s father is in other women’s side, hard to avoid heart sad.After all, his heart did not care for her or the child at all. What did she expect?(Click the card to read it for free.) 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