Jiahe County Tax Bureau weaves “three nets” to fight the epidemic prevention and control war

2022-05-15 0 By

Rednet Jiahe branch station (correspondent: Li Yuhong, Long Limin) Recently, The Tax Bureau of Jiahe County set up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, weaving the “three nets” of publicity, monitoring and guarantee, to fight the epidemic prevention and control war.Weave close “propaganda net”.The bureau has set up an epidemic prevention and control advisory center to release the latest information and requirements of epidemic prevention and control through publicity boards, LED screens, wechat groups, QQ groups and other channels to persuade people in medium-high risk areas not to return to Jia temporarily.At the same time, through household visits to publicize epidemic prevention and control knowledge and “non-contact” tax payment, taxpayers and payers are encouraged to use the Internet more and avoid running on the road.Weave strict “monitoring network”.The bureau in the community, highway and other passes to arrange staff shifts every day on duty, strictly implement access to sweep code temperature measurement, out of the preparation system.In addition, party members and young volunteers were sent down to communities and towns to conduct a “sweep and knock on doors” campaign for epidemic prevention and control, and collected information on 572 residents from 194 households.Weave a safety net.For the logistics support of front-line personnel, the bureau on the one hand to ensure adequate supply of masks, gloves, alcohol, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention materials.On the other hand, the office building, tax hall, family building and other key areas are regularly eliminated, and disinfection channels are set up in the tax hall to carry out centralized cleaning and transportation of household garbage to ensure a clean environment.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original