“Post-90s” police guard the “most beautiful ice” of winter Olympics

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“A thousand miles of levees can be destroyed by ants. Every step we take should be refined and solid.”With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics approaching, Zhu Yuchen, deputy captain of the Wanshousi Police Station of The Haidian Branch of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, is getting busier and busier, working overtime day and night.As the deputy security manager of the figure skating training center of the Capital Gymnasium, the “post-90s” guard this world-famous “Double Olympic Stadium” with his care and patience.Every morning, after attending the venue security team scheduling meeting, Zhu yuchen would analyze and sort out the arrangement of security posts by referring to the security plan and deployment diagram based on the questions raised by everyone, and then began his daily patrol work.”Pay attention to hidden dangers, any situation reported at any time.”It was one of the most common phrases he used on his Tours.There are many security points in the stadium, and the duties of the police on duty are not the same at each post. Zhu Yuchen will check at each point during his patrol to ensure that the police on duty know their duties, tasks and disposal, and can timely find loopholes and hidden dangers, report the situation at the first time and deal with them in time.”There is no magic bullet in these jobs. We have to do reconnaissance over and over again. As we do more, problems will naturally emerge.”Zhu can’t remember how many times he walked around the gym, but the more than 20,000 steps a day shown on his phone speak for themselves.Once, zhu yuchen found that there was a certain gap between the guardrail and the wall during his daily patrol, which posed a safety risk.He quickly organized personnel to adjust the position of the guardrail, and on the same day around the guardrail all patrol adjustment again, the stone in his heart this just fell down.”The devil is in the details,” zhu said. “If you think one more step and do one more step, you can bring a better experience to athletes around the world.”The first venue of this Winter Olympics has adopted advanced ice making technology, which is more environmentally friendly than traditional ice making technology.In order to ensure the safety of ice making facilities, the police in charge should inspect the ice making equipment room every day, supervise the service team to implement access management, special personnel on duty and other security control measures.Zhu Yuchen is also very concerned about this, every three or five will be responsible for the specific police one by one to carry out the inspection.The Winter Olympics have entered the final sprint stage, Zhu yuchen is still studying the details of security every day, to ensure that the hidden dangers are eliminated.He and a lot of “desperately three lang” in the first stadium, weaving the winter Olympics security “safety net”, escort the winter Olympics “the most beautiful ice”, to ensure the security of the first Winter Olympics.Our reporter Sun Ying process editor: U022 source: Beijing News net comprehensive Beijing Evening News