The Beijing-Hebei communication industry successfully completed the communication and network security guarantee work for the Winter Paralympic Games

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On March 13, the Closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Paralympics came to a close, bringing to a successful conclusion the 38-day communication and network security work for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics.During the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Communications and hebei Provincial Administration of Communications respectively led the information and communication industry of the two places to work together to overcome difficulties. The guarantee team was fully exercised, the guarantee mechanism continued to improve, the 5G application was displayed, the sharing and co-insurance was fully practiced, and the guarantee capacity was comprehensively improved.The goal of “zero communications accidents, zero complaints from important customers involved in The Olympics and zero major incidents of network security” has been fully realized.In the face of the severe and complex situation of epidemic prevention and control both at home and abroad, the Beijing Municipal Communications Administration has been working on two fronts with unwavering thinking, undiminished energy and undiminished enthusiasm, and making solid progress in various support work.First, the continuation of a system to ensure consistent, strong and orderly standards.We will give full consideration to the particularity and complexity of the Winter Paralympic Games and the NPC and CPPCC sessions, promptly review the successful experience of the Winter Olympic Games, continue the smooth and efficient wartime command and coordination support system, and ensure that the Winter Paralympic Games and the NPC and CPPCC are consistent in their “three-Zero” support standards.Second, we will adhere to the two-line planning to ensure that progress is made in unison.During the Winter Paralympic Games, the industry invested in the protection force of nearly 80,000 people, nearly 600 vehicles, the city’s public communication network, related to the Olympics and the two sessions of the regional network smooth operation, no major network security incidents.Third, pay close attention to the three special projects to ensure the precision of the force, focus.During the transition period of the Winter Olympics, two rounds of special rectification of “check, block and strengthen” were carried out, and 32 hidden dangers of all kinds were rectified to ensure that problems were cleared up and solved.In accordance with actual combat standards, 165 communications support troops and 17 support vehicles were deployed on site, and the all-elements training and support for the closing ceremony of the Winter Paralympics was successfully completed.We organized the enterprises to fully support the OPTIMIZATION of THE 5G network of 86 base stations in 12 regions and the construction of 13 temporary communication facilities, realizing the 5G+4K HD transmission of the torch relay with a total length of 21.21 kilometers, and successfully completing the TASK of 5G HD video guarantee for the Torch relay of the Winter Paralympic Games.During the Winter Paralympic Games, the information and communication industry of Hebei province always adhered to the principle of the guarantee system and mechanism unchanged, the strength not reduced, and the standard not reduced. It invested a total of 7,687 support personnel, 36 emergency communication support vehicles, 30 power generation vehicles, and 318 emergency repair vehicles, focusing on the following aspects to do a good job in communication support.First, we will strengthen organizational leadership and ensure that our command is not weakened.We will continue to improve the “1+4+1+N” communications support command system to ensure the efficient and smooth operation of communications support command and dispatch.Second, strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers, effectively reduce risks and hidden dangers.Continue to strengthen network monitoring, carry out inspection, inspection and human monitoring of key areas, important facilities and important lines, carry out hidden trouble investigation of acer stations and sub-room equipment, standby power supply, oil generators and air conditioners in the competition area, and make coordinated and quick response.Third, inspection and supervision to ensure that all systems are in place.Strengthen 7×24 hours on duty, daily failure “zero report”, emergency report and other systems of inspection and supervision.Fourth, strengthen monitoring and disposal to ensure network security.We will do a good job in providing support for network security protection and build a solid network security barrier for the telecommunications industry.Fifth, strengthen epidemic prevention and control to ensure personnel safety.Adhering to the principle of “communication guarantee, epidemic prevention first”, the provincial communication guarantee personnel have always tightened the strings of epidemic prevention and control and built a solid epidemic prevention and control network.In the joint efforts of information and communication industry, winter paralympics, the communication network has a good stability and fully guarantee the events communication and customer service requirements, the user experience is good, the core conference network congestion, high load base stations, without major fault occurs, the successful completion of the winter paralympics communications and network security tasks.