Unique Tang door: autumn son on the cover, Xiao Xiao gas bad Xue Bing, Tang Mingyuzong competition for eight strong

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Introduction: Qiuer on the cover, Xiao Xiao angry xue Bing, Tang Mingyuzong competition for the eight.Unique Tang gate comics 315 words have been updated, this word is by the charming Autumn on the cover.Although the background of this cover is relatively simple, qiu ‘er’s beauty is still deeply rooted in people’s hearts.In particular, although it looks a little messy but very stylish long hair, is really a perfect foil to the autumn son quiet and cool temperament, it can be said that beauty is full.Back to the plot, Xiao Xiao won, Tang door has won four games in a row, but this does not show that there is no chance to turn over the jade zong.Therefore, the individual game will continue, Xiao Xiao also ushered in her next opponent Xue Bing.However, Xue Bing and Qin Yueyue different, but he is the soul of the six ring emperor, although not let Huo Yuhao fear, but Xiao Xiao and Xue Bing xiao xiao, inevitably let Huo Yuhao and vegetables they worry about only the five ring xiao Xiao will suffer.However, Xiao Xiao is very shrewd.Although Xue Bing is six rings, but also to display the soul of the real body, but Xue Bing can not get good from the hands of Xiao Xiao.Although Xue Bing played on the ring and stimulate the release of the soul of the horcrux, but xiao Xiao also quickly with the ding seal xue Bing action.Although the seal of the tripod seal is only three seconds, but the competition is sometimes a second to see the real seal.Of course, Xiao Xiao’s current strength is not enough to determine the outcome in three seconds.However, three seconds is also enough for Xiao Xiao to do his best and consume Xue Bing as much as possible.After all, there are individual games and team games behind, since Xiao Xiao but Xue Bing, the natural consumption of enemy soul force route.Therefore, Xue Bing’s soul real body can not help but experience a very painful by Xiao Xiao wanton beat of three seconds.So, such as three seconds later, break away from the seal xue Bing would like to return the favor, immediately beat up Xiao Xiao, did not intend to pity Xianyu.However, xiao Xiao and how to give Xue bing a chance.Therefore, after the closing time, Xiao Xiao was very happy and the referee said she conceded.There is no doubt that Xiao Xiao this move can be angry with Xue Bing, after all, Xue Bing lost the chance of revenge, and Xue Bing did not dare to find the field from Xiao Xiao in front of the referee, that xue Bing was naturally happy not to get up.However, xiao Xiao admit defeat although the impact of tang door individual game is not big, but Huo Yuhao decided to play and Ming Yuzong team game.After all, Xue Bing’s soul real body is really a little trouble, there is no need to waste time in that round or two individual games, even if it can win is not significant.Therefore, after the referee agreed, Tang door and Ming Yuzong rest for a minute after the start of the team competition.However, because tang door and Ming Yuzong’s points are high enough, so tang door and Ming Yuzong’s battle can also be said to be the battle of the eight, which team to win which team into the eight.In this regard, laugh at the world of mortals is not happy.After all, the sun and the moon team and Huo Yuhao and others have enemies, laugh at the world of course don’t want Huo Yuhao to win but hope mingyuzong to point.However, the advantages of the two sides are clear, so Ming Yu Zong does not win.Of course, even if the Ming Yuzong finally won’t win, but Huo Yuhao team against Ming Yuzong play or people look forward to.