Xiangtan law enforcement supervision to more temperature

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In the past year, Xiangtan ecological environment system continued to carry out law enforcement training, combining training with combat, constantly strengthening environmental supervision, strengthening law enforcement, and improving the public’s sense of gain, happiness and security for the ecological environment.The sword hangs high to the illegal enterprises, and the law-abiding enterprises do nothing to disturb Xiangtan port dock pollution was one of the problems concerned by the masses.In order to solve the problems, the Xiangtan Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment and the Municipal Bureau of Transport ordered the three ports to correct their illegal behavior on the basis of investigation and evidence collection, and imposed a fine of 200,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan and 49,000 yuan respectively, among which the responsible person of Huayuan Port was transferred to the public security organ for pipe and discharge.On this basis, Xiangtan Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment successively launched more than 20 special law enforcement actions, including special rectification of thallium-related enterprises in xiangjiang River Basin and joint law enforcement actions of environmental protection in the field of transportation.In the special rectification of thallium-related enterprises, 5 cases were registered and fines of 160,000 yuan were imposed.At the same time, Xiangtan City Ecological environment Bureau continues to improve regulatory means, the use of online monitoring and other scientific and technological forces, at any time to master the enterprise pollutant discharge data, continue to extend the breadth of law enforcement, improve law enforcement efficiency.Such as xiangtan county a color printing company automatic monitoring data serious distortion, is one of the cases investigated by means of science and technology, is also the first hunan province suspected of destroying automatic monitoring facilities, forged automatic monitoring data typical case.Ecological and environmental law enforcement concerns the vital interests of the masses.Xiangtan City Ecological environment Bureau to maintain strict supervision according to law direction unchanged, strength does not reduce, but also always maintain the law enforcement “temperature”.To further optimize the law enforcement, Xiangtan has successively improved and established 18 major 34 minor related systems.In terms of strict regulation of discretion, it took the lead in issuing the List of Minor Environmental Violations exempted from punishment in Xiangtan City, and exempted 15 minor environmental violations from administrative punishment.122 enterprises in The city who fail to submit the implementation report of pollutant discharge permits for 2020 in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Regulations on Pollutant Discharge Permit Management will be exempted from penalty for the first mistake, and will be notified in a centralized manner and submit the implementation report within a specified period to further optimize the business environment.”The purpose of environmental enforcement is not to punish, but to urge enterprises to meet emissions standards.”Xiangtan city ecological environment bureau related person in charge of introduction, they will be 50 enterprises into the ecological environment supervision and law enforcement positive list, promote differentiation of law enforcement supervision, both strict supervision and help guidance, to illegal enterprises sword hanging, law-abiding enterprises are not trouble.Xiangtan has continuously strengthened the connection mechanism between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice. It has taken the lead in establishing a joint case handling mechanism of “public security and environmental protection” in the province, and established the first public security team of environmental protection — environmental Crime investigation Team.The “three joint” mechanism of “public prosecution law and environmental protection”, “supervision and monitoring” joint law enforcement, “supervision and legal system” joint trial, and “supervision and department departments” joint case handling has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of case handling.Tian and others without permits to collect, store hazardous waste applicable environmental pollution transferred to criminal cases, is a typical case jointly handled by ecological environment departments and public security departments.It is understood that Tian rented a yard in Yuhu District, and huang partnership from Hengyang city to transport a large number of muddy solid waste storage, and plans to sell, earn the difference.After learning the clues, the Xiangtan Ecological and Environmental Bureau preliminatively judged that they might involve environmental criminal cases, handed the clues over to the public security organs, and set up a joint task force.After investigation, the final two were fined 1 million yuan according to law and regulations, 5 parties were arrested.This is also the new “solid waste law” since the promulgation of Xiangtan city for the first suspected dangerous waste case.In addition, Xiangtan also issued the implementation rules of the compensation system reform for ecological environmental damage, which initially established the compensation system for ecological environmental damage with clear responsibilities, smooth channels, technical specifications, strong guarantee, compensation in place and effective repair.Last year, the city launched 31 cases of compensation for ecological and environmental damage, forcing enterprises to pay for ecological damage.As one of the first pilot cities for the construction and use of mobile law enforcement system in China, Xiangtan is also the first city in the province with full coverage of mobile law enforcement, and its ecological and environmental law enforcement takes the lead in the province.In 2021, 114 cases of environmental violations were investigated and dealt with, and the penalty amount was 10,116,329 yuan. The total number of cases and the total amount of fines increased by 110.4% and 157.4% respectively compared with the previous year.Law enforcement has strength, the team is the guarantee.Xiangtan City Ecological environment Bureau will continue to promote the standardization of law enforcement team construction, through “year-round, full staff, the whole process” training, to build an ecological environmental protection iron army in the main force.Recently, this team is equipped with the ecological environment law enforcement standard clothing, is embarking on a new journey with a brand new look.